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Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator, Mumbai, India

Suitable for continuous level indication of horizontal tank and mainly underground tank containing very hazardous and corrosive liquid in nature.
It is covered in two units, one unit fixed on mounting flange with guided cage assembly & float is connected to the S.S. pipe having imported magnet assembly.
Second unit fixed on mounting flange. The magnet assembly moves up & down in the main S.S. pipe chamber. The float magnet is operated by magnetically coupled to the follower red magnet outside chamber which is mounted on front side of the main S.S. pipe
Material of construction available:
Main Chamber pipe: S.S. / P.P.
Float: S.S. 316 / P.P.
Outside casing pipe: Glass tube inside red follower
Scale: Alluminium / S.S. / Acrylic
Flange: S.S. / M.S.
Pressure: 25 Kg/cm2
Temperature: 225B0C
Available Length: Maximum 3.5 meters

Technical Specification :
Simple principles of mechanics and magnetism harnessed to offer an absolutely safe, reliable and trustworthy level indicator for dangerous and toxic liquids under high pressure and Temperatures.

Construction :
The Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator basically consists of a guide pipe, float with stem main magnet, a guard protecting magnet guide tube, follower magnet and glass tube, The guide pipe inserted in the tank, guide the float which follows the liquid level in the tank. The main magnet mounted on the the stem tip in turn follows the liquid level. Magnetic coupling between main magnet and follower magnet brings the visual indication of level outside. Follower magnet moves in an isolated glass tube filled with density compensating liquid. The entire construction is very sturdy keeping in view its outdoor installation.

Applications :
Dipstick substitute
Underground tanks
Horizontal tank
Corrosive acids such as H2S04, RNO3 chlorosulphonic acid, oleum, acetic, CS2 Solvent tanks such as benzene, Acetone, toluene, alcoholic liquids or any organic liquid, butadiene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride. Liquefied Gases such as liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, LPG Molten Sulphur Phosphorus, Lead etc.
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