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Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator

Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator, Mumbai, India

Side mounted magnetic level indicator works simple magnetic principle used to get unique, most reliable & absolutely safe level indicator. It is mainly under used for most dangerous liquids even with under high pressure & high temperature.

The unit consists of all SS 316 parts. With inside of SS main chamber pipe, the SS magnetic float which moves up & down. Accordingly follows liquid variation in the tank. The Float Magnet is operated by magnetically coupled to the Bicolour red & white outside chamber, which is mounted on front side of the main S.S. pipe.

Material of construction available:

Main chamber pipe: S.S. / P.P.
Float: SS 316 / P.P.
Outside casing pipe: Bicolour red & white magnetic roller
Scale: Alluminium black engraved / S.S. / Acrylic
Flange: S.S. / P.P.
Drain: BD94 BSP drain valve provided on request
Pressure: 20 Kg/cm2 0r 50 Kg/cm2
Temperature: 130B0C
Available Length: Maximum 3.520 meters

Technical Specification :
Simple magnetic principle used to get unique, absolutely safe and most
reliable level indicator for dangerous liquids even under high pressures.

Application :
• Corrosive acids - oleum, H2SO4
• HNO3,Acetic.
• Solvents - bezene, toluene, alcohols, CS2.
• Liq. Gases - LPG, NH3, Chlorine.
• Propylene, Butadiene.
• Veg.Oils, Fuel Oils, Lubricants, Water
• Poisonous / toxic liquids, DMA, TEA, PCL3.SO3
• Rotoball Option

Accessories :
High & Low level Alarm.
Resistance Strip with 4-20 m Amp. output.
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