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Glass Tube Rotameter / MODEL : CVG / GTR

Glass Tube Rotameter, Mumbai, IndiaRotameter Rotameter are designed for the accurate measurement of rate of flow for liquids and gases.
The rotameter is mounted on vertically. A complete rotameter installation consists of tapered glass tube and shielded from all the sided with clearfront visibility. Inside the tubes, the float provides indication of flow rate.


  1. Over all face to face length 500 mm for flanged end.
  2. Easily interchangeability of tubes without disconnection from the lines
  3. Scale Length: 180 210 mm
  4. Body: M.S. powder coated or SS on request.
  5. Cover M.S. Powder coated.
  6. Accuracy: +/- 2% of FSD
  7. Detachable scale with flow rate.
  8. End connection rotatable through 360
  9. Connection- Flanged End & Screwed End
  10. Cover glass protected with rubber
  11. Gland Bolt: SS 304 strictly.
  12. Packing: Pure Teflon


Metering Tube: Borosilicate glass tapered
Floats: SS 316/ SS 304/ M.S. / S.S. / P.P. / Pure Teflon
End Connection: SS 316/ SS 304/ M.S. / S.S. / P.P. Pure Teflon Lined
Packing: Pure Teflon + Neoprene & silicon on request
Gland: C.S. Epoxy coated / SS on request
Body: M.S. powder coated/ SS on request

Specification datas required for offers

Name of Fluid (Service)
Density / Specific Gravity
Flow Range
Scale marking in LPH / LPM / KG/Hr / USGPM
Operating Pressure: Min Max working
Operating Temperature: Min Max Working


Line Size: Flanged End / Screwed end
Orientation: Vertical-Top bottom
Side Side: Top Bottom
Inlet side & Outlet vertical vice versa

Technical Specification :
Suitable for online installation with flanged or screw connection with several
options of materials for wetted parts.

Avaliable Sizes :
15 NB to 100 NB

Ranges :
2.5 to 40,000 LPH of water at ambient temperature.
0.1 to 750 Nm³/hr of air at NTP.

Accuracy :
+2% of FSD

Accessories :
High & Low Flow Alarms

NOTE: Prevents of glass tube breaking to always open outlet valve & gradually operates inlet valves sizes available from 15 NB to 100 NB pipe size. Flow Ranges available from 25 LPH to 30000 LPH of water & 0.1 to 300 nm/ hr air at NTP.
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