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Bypass Rotameter

Bypass Rotameter, Mumbai, India

Model No.CVG/BPR

By Pass Rotameter suitable for the most economical provides a solution for measuring large rates of flow & suitable in pipelines from 40 NB to 350 NB.

Available in variety of materials carrier ring impulse piping and the flow rate through the rotameter as a flow indicator with volumetric

We require datas for offering:
    • Flow rate min / max
    • ID of main pipeline exactly
    • Flanges of main pipeline
    • Pressure & temperature
    • Material of wetted parts
      Technical Specification :
      Suitable for metering floe rates in 50 NB & above pipeline. Available in a
      variety of materials, carrier rings, impulse piping and rotameter as
      flow indicator.

      Available Sizes :
      50 NB to 450 NB

      Ranges :
      20 to 300 M³/hr of water 0.1 to 800 Nm³/hr of air at NTP

      Accuracy :
      ± 2% of FSD

      Accessories :
      Isolating Valves.
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